Code of Conduct

At Ecosurv we aim to provide environmental services at a high professional standard. Providing a service does not in any way imply a master-servant relationship with the client. We act on a peer-to-peer basis with whomever we are providing the service. We must strive to improve the image of the environment and the consulting field, and that in all our activities we act in an impartial and objective professional manner.


In providing these services we:

1. Have integrity and the way we conduct our affairs, ensuring honesty and transparency in dealing with each other, our clients and the public.

2. Place the integrity of the environment, health and safety aspects of the socio economic environment, above any commitment to sectional or private interests.

3. Be accountable for the validity of all data collected, analysis performed, plans developed by to serve or under our direction.

4. Discourage misrepresentation or misuse of work Ecosurv has performed or was performed under the Company’s direction.

5. Be impartial having neither patronage nor vested interest and inform perspective client or employer of any professional or personal interests which may impair the objective of our work.

6. Comply with the objectives of the Environmental Assessment Board of Botswana (BEAPA) as well as any by-laws or rules laid down by such Board in the conducting of environmental assessments.

7. Not seek employment, grants and gain, or attempt to injure the reputation of opportunities for employment of another environmental assessment practitioner by false, biased or undocumented claims or accusations, by any other malicious action, or by offers of gifts or favours.

8. Provide the client with an accurate high quality product within the constraints of time and budget.

9. Shall not advertise our professional services in a self-laudatory manner that may discredit the profession.

10. Keep informed on advances in environmental assessment practice, and integrate such knowledge into our professional activities.

11. Acknowledge the importance of the society within which we live and contribute positively to it.

12. Remain loyal to the company and act in a professional role in the best interest of the company.

13. Uphold the values of PPC (Polite, Positive and Caring) in our interactions with colleagues, the public and clients.