Company Conscience

We support and encourage employees' personal and professional contributions to environmental, community and social initiatives to enhance the fabric of the society in which we operate and work.

We do this through the following:

  • Supporting staff who wish to provide pro bono services on projects that promote environmental sustainability to credible organizations that would otherwise be unable to access environmental and social consulting services.
  • Encouraging employees to volunteer their time at educational institutions, community groups and other not-for-profit organizations in their own environmental and charitable interest areas that do not create a conflict of interest or adversely affect our ability to meet our other business objectives.
  • Promote the self-development of staff who are continuing their education. The Ecosurv team consists of numerous post-graduate degrees and are capable of providing advice to the development of employees.
  • Provide opportunities for graduates internships to allow young professionals develop experience within their fields of expertise.
  • Encourage all employees to actively take part at charitable sports events. Ecosurv continually submit a team to annual corporate challenges that support local charity organisations.