Morupule B Phase 2 Units 5 & 6 300 MW coal fired power station

Government has determined that a 300 MW coal-fired power plant with a commercial operations date of 2018/2019 period would best meet projected power requirementsThe site for the power station lies within the existing BPC power complex at Phalapye and is approximately 7.5 km from Morupule Coal Mine; who will supply coal through a coal supply agreement. There is potential for sharing common services such as water, limestone, handling facilities, access roads and substation facilities with Morupule B Phase 1.Water will be supplied through the GoB-owned Water Utilities Corporation principally through a source from the North-South Water Carrier project, which was primarily developed for the 600 MW Morupule B Power Station.The receiving airshed is to be considered, as NON-degraded and that the maximum sulphur dioxide SO2 limit for design is [500 mg/Nm3]. The status of the airshed as non-degraded has been confirmed by BPC.All facilities, including the contractor’s accommodation will be located within the existing BPC lease area. Only the Water pipeline and the road link to the A14 highway will fall outside the existing BPC lease area.The project is at the Public Review stage