Stakeholder Engagement

Do you have questions, concerns or suggestions about one of our projects? We are here to help you.

Why Get in Touch? 

Ecosurv believes in an ongoing dialogue with all the Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) on its projects. It is your right to participate in any project that affects you and your community. We feel it helps us focus the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) process and enhance the quality of the decision taken by the authorities.

We are here to listen to questions, issues and concerns of anyone that is interested in or affected by one of our client’s projects. This page is a guide to getting informed and involved.

How to Get Informed?

  • Study the information made available in the projects Background Information Documents (BID) on their projects page.
  • Attend the public stakeholders meeting to get additional information on the project.
  • Registered as an Interested or Affected Party to receive any future information through phone calls and emails.
  • Participate in the public review which will be advertised towards the end of the EIA process.

When to get Involved?

Each current project has specific key dates for public stakeholder meeting where you can voice your concerns. However, you may submit any emerging issues or concerns via email throughout the EIA process. 

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