Tlou Energy CBM Exploration and Abstraction ESIA

Tlou Energy (Pty) Ltd proposes to develop a Coalbed Methane (CBM) gas wellfield within the Western Sandveld ranches in the Central District about 75 km north west of Kodibeleng. The Proposed CBM gas wellfield development area will be located within PL 002/2004. The development facilities will include the installation of between 100-200 production pods consisting of horizontal and vertical extraction wells. Each production well is expected to produce between 50 and 100 thousand cubic feet of methane per day. The wellfield development incudes a central facility for the gathering and beneficiation of gas and water, the installation of a new base camp and associated facilities. These facilities will include solid and liquid waste treatment. Other infrastructure development include the creation of a landing strip for light twin engine aircraft to enable airborne evacuation for life support assistance, associated pipe work for transportation of gas/water to the centralized treatment facility and the installation of permanent or semi-permanent access roads.In addition the assessment covers a large exploration area in which there will be exploration core wells drilled. Exploration will be undertaken to establish if there is enough methane gas that can be abstracted for business purposes. About two hundred (200) core holes will be drilled for both exploration and development across the following prospecting licenses held by Tlou Energy: PL001/2004; PL002/2004; PL003/2004; PL035/2000; PL037/2000; PL237/2014; PL238/2014; PL239/2014; PL240/2014; PL241/2014. After drilling, the sites will be rehabilitated and sealed if not used for other well purposes (eg monitoring well).The project is at the Public Review StageCopies of the EIS can be reviewed at the following locations:1.            Kodibeleng (Kgotla)2.            Shoshong (Kgotla)3.            Serowe (Public library)4.            Mahalapye (Public library)5.            Gaborone (Public library)Written comments or objections from those likely to be affected by the project and other interested persons should be submitted to the Department of Environmental Affairs by 23rd September 2016